Veterinary medicine is like a box of chocolates…

Or like different chocolates in general.  So many people seem to have such a divisive opinion on veterinarians and veterinary medicine in general, I’m going to try to explain it (from my point of view) with something that most people like.  CHOCOLATE.

I mean really, who doesn’t love chocolate?  This post was inspired by two friends of mine (who also happen to be clients) that saw my social media post that I was having a really bad day and brought me chocolate.  I’m not talking just any chocolate…I’m talking creme de la creme of chocolates, from a professional chocolatier (and pastry shop!!!) in our town.  The people who make these chocolates use only the finest ingredients.  They spend inordinate amounts of time hand crafting these chocolates.  And the fact that they care and love their craft comes out in the wonderful flavor of their chocolates.

At home I had a bag of store-bought bagged chocolates (to avoid any backlash, they shall remain nameless).  Is it good?  Yes.  Will it do in a pinch? Yes.  Is it anywhere near the caliber of the chocolates my friends brought me?  Oh, no.  Nothing like it at all.   The ingredients are not as high of a quality.  These are machine and mass-produced.  And you get the feeling that the profit is more important than the product, despite the fact that these chocolates are much, much cheaper than those I mentioned above.

How does this relate to veterinary medicine?

You have some veterinarians who strive to learn the newest, safest, and best information out there for your pets from the people who are on the cutting edge.  You have those veterinarians that will spend time on the phone or face to face in with you discussing your questions and concerns.  These veterinarians are also the ones that end up charging more because they spend more time with each individual patient and client, customizing their care, and doing the best they can for each person they meet.

You have other veterinarians that take the high volume approach–get em in, get em out.  These veterinarians generally do not charge as much because they do not spend much time with their patients, most likely do not do a lot of research (when do they find the time with 30+ patients a day?), and most certainly do not customize care because this takes too much time.

The big question is which one you prefer.  Everyone knows that if money isn’t an option, we’d all go for the local chocolatier or the first veterinarian.  But many times, the first veterinarian will work with you if the plan that they suggest is not feasible for you.  (I’ve been there, done that!)

I realize that this is much more complicated than I’ve made it out to be, but this really does illustrate the point I was trying to make–there are many different calibers and qualities of veterinarians (and chocolates) out there.

For me, I’ll take the local chocolatier if given a choice (and the budget agrees) every single time.   However, I will take my store bagged chocolates in an emergency.

Now, don’t you want some chocolate?


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