Why yes, that is animal cruelty! Thanks for asking!

I am generally a huge softie unless you go after my friends, family, or animals.  And husband.

I got a call late last week, Thursday or Friday, I can’t remember which.  I happened to pick up the phone, which I try to avoid doing because I usually screw it up big time.  The guy on the phone was crying, saying his dog was dying and he wanted someone to come out and euthanize it.  I managed to restrain my inner softie because my schedule was fuller than Fat Elvis at a Vegas buffet, so I turned the call over to my office manager to handle.

Apparently, my services were too pricey for him, which I can understand, but I need to make a living too.  He didn’t insist I come out for free or rail at my office manager that we were money grubbing jerks, for which I was glad.  My office manager suggested taking the dog to the shelter where they will euthanize your pet for no charge. I really felt for the guy.  Until I walked in yesterday morning.

There he was, in all his idiot glory, scheduled for a housecall and euthanasia on Thursday.  THURSDAY.  If your dog is freaking dying last WEEK on Thursday, do you think that one week in agonizing pain is a great thing to do?  I was really angry and I asked my office manager about it.  Apparently, the shelter will not allow you to be present during a euthanasia, which is their prerogative.  So instead of allowing his pet the gift of a peaceful passing, he was planning to allow it to suffer for a freaking WEEK because he wanted to be with it when the euthanasia was done.  Now I was ROYALLY PISSED OFF.  I had my office manager call and reschedule it for Wednesday morning , as that was the earliest I could get out there.

Not surprisingly, this morning, the housecall wasn’t on the schedule.  Because the dog had already died.  In agonizing pain that could have been avoided but wasn’t.

I hope you get a shitty nursing home, you selfish bastard.


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