The Big C

Cancer, meet Lucifer.  Lucifer, meet Cancer.  I have a feeling you know each other well.

Cancer, I hate you.  I’m an equal opportunity hater, though, so it doesn’t matter what cell line or what organ you infect, I hate you nonetheless. I hate when people who are supposed to know better miss your sneaky little entrances and patients end up suffering.  There is no end to the suffering and sadness you cause, and I somehow wish you’d be wiped off the face of the earth, but I know mother nature needs some way to thin the herd.

I hope that one day, someone brilliant (most certainly not me), will be able to find a way to slow you down or stop you completely so that pets (and people) will live the lives they were intended, not what you thought was appropriate.

For now, Cancer, I leave you with two simple words.  Suck it.


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