What’s in a name…

For those of you who don’t know, Mrs. Danvers is the creepy housekeeper in the novel “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier.  An excellent book and wonderful murder mystery, I was only slightly interested in the character upon the first read.  After reading Jasper Fforde’s  Thursday Next series, though, I reread “Rebecca” in a whole new light.

Even though Mrs. Danvers is written in the third person, she seems to be a very strange woman.  Devious, conniving, and totally devoted to one person to the point of torturing others emotionally.  If she weren’t a servant, I wonder what might have come out of her mouth…hence why this is titled the way it is.

I have no brain/mouth filter.  Sometimes too much sympathy, sometimes none.  Same with empathy.  Very dark sense of humor.  Awkward social skills.  Unacceptable parenting skills (I’m assuming, as I have no children).  Despite this, I try to be optimistic about humanity…and am disappointed a lot more than I’d like to be, both in others and myself.

So we’ll see how this experiment unfolds.


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